To help the educational, medical and scientific development in Estonia, to promote development of democratic institutions, and to provide equipment and supplies to institutions that care for the ill, children and poor.

Health Care

in 2005 this project made possible a shipment of $4.9 million worth of donated drugs and nursing supplies. Present-day budgets in Estonia allow 30 cents per long-term care patient/resident per day. Our assistance doubled the availability of drugs and nursing supplies for 7500 patients/residents.It also strengthened cooperation among 150 long-term care facilities that the Fund encouraged to band together to form a consortium to facilitate distribution as well as to determine needs.

Grants and allocations: $ 18,817


This project enables professionals such as physicians and dentists to take advantage of educational and training opportunities abroad. It also provides scholarships to university students in Estonia. Five doctoral candidates received grants totaling $14,500. Three young physicians were enabled to train abroad in their specialties thanks to the Fund’s stipends totaling $5,568 that covered transportation and living expenses. Two outstanding medical student at Tartu University were awarded $500 scholarships. Three students received scholarships totaling $5000.

Grants and Allocations: $ 26,068

Institution Building

This project supports the development of democratic and cultural institutions in Estonia. In 2005, a grant of $10,000 was awarded to the Estonian Women’s Studies and Research Centre. Tartu St. John’s and St. Mary’s in Rapla received a total of $2400. The Alexander church in Narva was granted $2000.

Grants and Allocations: $ 14,400